Unforgettable Experiences

By Kilmar  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

When I was in El Salvador I always thought about if the economy in my country will change. The economy was so poor that it was affecting the life of my family because even though my dad was in the United States, the basic needs were not met (clothes, food and education). Basic needs were very important because people with no money couldn’t buy clothes. If people were not buying them clothes, they wore dirty clothes or didn’t wear clothes. Some children did not go to school because they had to work with their parents or because their families don’t have the money to buy the uniform for the school. Therefore they didn’t go to school. I always liked the school, the school in my neighborhood were in bad conditions, the school bathroom were ruined. You have to buy your own food because the food in the school was awful and every day you have to eat the same food, there were not diversity of food. Going to school in El Salvador is hard because the government is not providing good resources.

It was difficult to leave my family in El Salvador because I grew up with them. They’re special for me because I love them and I know they love me too. I especially miss my mom; she’s the best mother in the world and I love her so much. I felt isolated when I had to leave my home and cross different countries to reach the United States. I had to leave because of the the economy and the violence in my country. Living without a father was very difficult because I saw that all my friends had their parents with them and I did not. The parents of my friends were going to play with them and they also saw them play when my friends had a game.

After I left my family, the most difficult thing that I passed was crossing the other countries. When I was crossing Guatemala everything was fine. It took me two days to cross the whole country. Then I crossed the border between Guatemala and Mexico. Mexico was the most difficult country. When I was in Mexico, some days I did not eat a single piece of food. The trip was complicated when the cops of Mexico stopped me and told me I had to pay if I wanted to go my way. Crossing Mexico took about four days to reach the border between Mexico and the United States. Then I had to wait three days to cross the “The Rio Bravo”. I waited those three days because the “Narcos” were passing drugs on the border. In those three days we waited for “Los Narcos” to pass their drugs. My sister, other people and I had to sleep on the sides of The Rio Bravo”. I felt nervous, desperate and afraid.

After the three days, I crossed the border by “The Rio Bravo” and I walked about three hours to reach the United States. After reaching the United States the “Coyote’ took me to a house where there were people in there that were waiting to cross the desert to get to their destination. I waited there like about four days. It was my turn to cross the desert. The border police arrested me and the other people that were with me. The border police called my dad and they asked my dad if I was his son. Of course my dad said yes, therefore the police took me to a group home. I liked the house group. It was great to be in the group house I learned a lot of good things in there. I was there for about a week. From the group home, they sent me to my dad.

I met my dad. I felt sensitive when I saw him because I had not seen him for a long time. I was a little kid when my dad left me with my mom and sisters. It was a really great experience seeing my dad again. The first thing I did with my dad was go to a restaurant to eat something. I ordered soup to eat because the food that “The Coyote” gave me was awful. He just gave me tacos and because of him now I don’t like tacos. Then a few weeks passed and my dad put me in school.

I started 7th grade My first year few months at school were kind of challenging because I didn’t know English. After that I started to understand English a little. Then I went to 8th grade. I learned a lot more in 8th grade than 7th grade. My experience in Middle School was great. I graduated from Middle School and I moved to my new school. I’m still learning English and new things in my new school. I want to go College after finish my High School, I am not sure what I want to study yet but I will figure out.

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