The United States/A Poem

By Rose  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Northeast High School

United States – We all heard that name before.
A place where everyone wants to come.
But what if I didn’t want to come?
Or He and She did not want to come?
Insane, right? I mean, who does not want to come?
It’s beautiful, safe and more opportunity for you.
It’s what I’ve been told. We’ve been told.
I agree. We agree. Even if it’s for a little bit.
But there’s obstacle which we have to overcome
Once we arrive to United States.
New family. New language. New life styles.
Hard to make friends, loneliness, depression.
Slowly, I’m trying my best. We’re trying our best.
Brave warrior. We are since the beginning.
Cause I didn’t give up. We didn’t give up.
United States. We are all here now.
Simply. Yes. We love it. There’s more opportunity.
Some of us could enjoy it, but we’re worrying now.
Worrying about deportation.
Some of us don’t have – and can’t get – the papers.
But still, we’re trying.
I miss my home, the way the sun shines.
I miss my him, the way my family embraces me with love.
I miss my home cause now me and my country are apart.
She misses her home too.
And him also.
But together, we are survivors.
United States, we all heard that word before.
Not only that.
We are learning that word.
We’re here for a reason. We know that.
That’s the only reason we didn’t quit in the first place.
I’m not alone when it comes to being an immigrant.
You are not alone when it comes to that also.
We are not alone.
Notice how I put “I” and “We”
Cause I can relate. We can relate.
Keep holding on.
Survivor we are. REMEMBER.

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