it wasn’t so easy to transition

By Brandon  |   From : New York City  |   School : University Neighborhood High School (New York)

Never in my life did I think that me as a teenager I would have to enter adulthood so early especially in way that I did not want to. My mother was sick and diagnosed with cancer, it was the worst news I could have ever heard in my entire life, but it happened. She was getting worse and I wasn’t helping her get any better. I knew that deep down in my heart I didn’t want to see my mother get worse. I knew that I had to be the young man that my mom raised me to be and help her take care of my siblings and help her feel as if she never had been sick at all. It was the first time I stepped up to the plate to do something so difficult yet so easy and have to enter adulthood at an age no kid should have to do it at, but I was determined and strong and knew that I was doing the right thing and I knew that my mom would be proud of her son and I would be showing my siblings what a great example I am. I wanted everyone to be proud of what a Great young adult that I’ve become but it wasn’t so easy to transition into those shoes so early..

Growing up I had it really easy. I was an only child for about 7 years then my little brother was born, 2 years later and my little sister was born. So now of course I had to be a big brother and help out my mom with the kids, set a good example. So obviously taking care of them wasn’t that hard, it was easy. Unfortunately as I got older things got harder and rough and I was struggling because I couldn’t do any of the hardships in my way, I started slacking in school, work wasn’t being completed and my mom got phone calls constantly from the school which is something I thought was the worst because I knew that I was a very good student but I wasn’t acting like one and my mom was really disappointed, but really I was the one who was hurt the most because of it.


That wasn’t the only challenge that I had to go through. Some hard challenges that I had to go through while growing up was having to watch my siblings all the time after school, making sure that I was able to do my assignments in school at the same time and watching or taking care of my mom. It was hard. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to do all these things that I had piling up which really brought me down and it sucked, it put me in a place where I just gave up and didn’t want to do anything anymore, I’m was just at a point where I had made my mom feel as if she raised such a good young man for nothing and that’s exactly how I felt myself. But I needed something to motivate me, something to help me get back up and try my hardest to finish all my work, to take care of my siblings, but most of all, the person who gave me everything I ever needed and more, my mom. I didn’t give up because I knew that I was doing everything I could and she was proud of me no matter what which is what really helped me continue moving forward.


I started to stay in school longer so that I was able to hand in all my work on time and be able to pass because all my teachers knew the situation that I was in so they would help me out if i needed it. I learned that being a young adult isn’t easy, having to do all those jobs at such a young age isn’t really that easy. Doing jobs that adults would normally do isn’t what you would expect. What I learned about myself is that If I put my mind to something I can get it done. Some positive attributes that I have gotten from all of these hardships is I’m not that weak as I thought I was, I’m someone people can rely on if they are ever sick and need someone there for them, I know how to help people if they ever have seizures.


Before all of this hit me and I had to do all of these new responsibilities I was nowhere near as responsible as I am now. I know how to take care of my siblings correctly, my mom doesn’t need to worry about things that she had to take care of because now I can do it for her. I knew that if I wanted to show my mom that I was the young man she raised me to be I had to take care of her and the kids. I didn’t give up because I knew that I was doing everything I could and she was proud of me no matter what which is what really helped me continue moving forward.


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