We are good people

By Jerry Wei Sen  |   From : China  |   School : Workmand Middle School (FL)

I am a boy. I am from china . My name is wei sen. This is my Chinese name . Jerry is my American name. I live in Florida and i have a good body . I am 11 years old, but I am 169 cm and i weight 80 kg. When you are 11 years old,  this is rare.  This is very different !

I have a brother and sister they are 7 years old they are very naughty and my mom is 38 years old , my father is 41 years old , I like my family!

How i came to America and why?  I sat in the plane to the united states . Why I went to America ? I do not know , because my father did not talk to me so I do not know. It’s my father’s big idea.

I like delicious food and playing games ,I don’t like the cherry taste of soda water, because it is not a good drink.

How I see myself in 10 years:  I see myself tall… very tall in 10 years

I like china

I like to play ball

I like to play games

I like my grandfather

My favorite food is rice

My brother he does not like hot snakes

In my country

No pictures here in usa

I am from books

From the webster dictionary

I am from the noisy home loud playful talkative

I am from a rose bush

I like red roses

I am from rice and chicken

I am from the family that cooks together and eats food

From not giving up and not crying

I am from songs and play

I am from china

From Rice beef

We are good people


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