We Eat Alegria

By Milton Ruiz  |   From : Colombia  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a country  with happy people,
A country that likes to watch soccer ,
And when la Seleccion wins, they celebrate,
With a big party with many people and food like chips, beers and hot dogs,
I am from a country where sadness is extinguished.
Even if we are in a bad  economic situation,
We always have a smile to face problems.
I am from a country where the sun is always alive,
And if you want to eat something cold like raspados or ice cream,  
it’s going to melt.


I am from the city That loves El JUNIOR DE BARRANQUILLA,
I am from The city that has La puerta de oro, El malecón y la ventana al mundo, 
The city where carnaval is a tradition
Where we eat alegria.
a sweet meal with popcorn.
I am from Ice cream that the people sell in the middle of the day,
With a Beethoven song and where the economy is no good,
But my people find creative ways to survive and get money.
I am from the city that when it is raining, you play soccer, 
With cousins, uncles and friends, and where the sun bathes us.
Where there are no different seasons, there is just Summer,
I from the city that has mototaxis and bus.
I am from Barranquilla, the beautiful city, 
Where Las Batallas are of flowers, a party with music and beers or soda.
Where the Carnaval on the streets make the people dance cumbia,


 I from the neighborhood that is always waiting for the night,
To see children start playing soccer at 9:00 pm and it doesn’t matter,
If the children have to go school the next day they are going to play until,
They can’t run anymore or if the owner of the ball has to leave.
I am from the neighborhood that when it is saturday or sunday,
We are going to listen to music from Frankie ruiz and Eddie santiago,
That is going to make the people dance and have fun,
I am from then neighborhood that all sundays at 12:00 Am,
We start making BBQ with all the neighbors, 
And always at that kind of party there is a person who’s drunk,
And people have to take that person  home.
I am from the neighborhood that is always together,
And supporting each other when the government steals money 


I am from the Family that  at 12:00 noon is always,
Eating and talking on the terrace sharing stories about  their day,
And while we are eating we watch people down of the streets,
Waiting to start another fun week with all the families together.

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