We want respect

By Latinos In Action  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School


I am from a Dictatorship

I am from Coffee, oil, mountains and a lot of mixing,

I am from a small place, from the Caribbean,

I am from 50 states, from diversity.

I am from la playa and beisbol.

I am from snow, cold and mountains

I am from arepas.

I am from talking to my friends during the night, from parties every weekend.

I am from the country with the best beaches,

I am from mandocas, empanadas and patacon

I am from beautiful mountains and land

I am from Pink dolphins and colorful rivers

I am from bachata, platano, Romeo Santos and Punta Cana

I am Shakira, salsa and Pan de bono

I am Jo Aroyo, bandeja paisa, merengue, mango

I am ‘Queloque Tigre’

I am Pan con biste, Celia Cruz and azuuuucar


Here, we see chaos.

Here, we see sun, crocodiles,

Here, we see diversity and people from every country

We see a lot of cities, buildings, rain and a hot weather

We see flatland, cultures, languages

We see food and beautiful beaches

We see friendships and opportunities

We see freedom and a lot of streets

We see a lot of lakes


We want opportunities for us and for our families

We want our countries to be as they were before

We want knowledge

We want freedom, we want peace

We want no racism, no discrimination

We want gun control and safety in schools

We want less crimes

We want no violence, no more gangs.

We want more jobs

We want less trash, we want a green world

We want respect

We want unity


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