We went the spooky way

By Ayad  |   From : Iraq  |   School : Maryland

In 2007 me and my family went to the bus station with 9 bags coming from Baghdad. We arrived to the bus station. We bought 4 tickets for $300 all. We went in the spooky way where you see dead people in the street and there is nobody in the street only our bus. It took us 15 hours to get to Syria. We arrived at night, we did not know anything. We got to a hotel. We stayed there for two days until we found a good house.

We lived there for 2 years. It felt so different. The language is not the same, and I had a hard time with my grades. 2009 came and we decided to move. We lived there for 3 years (2011). We had fun more than before because we had relatives living near us. We went every Friday to go eat together or go have fun in different places. We loved it, the time where the Iom rejected our file of traveling to the U.S. and they told us if you want a new folder move to a new country. We decided to move to Turkey.

In 2011 we decided to move to Turkey. We got a little car to get us there. It was around 11-12 p.m. The bus was ready to leave at 1 a.m. In 6 hours we have arrived to Adana. After that, 8 hrs to get to the capital. We rested there for 3 hrs. Around 4-5 p.m. we bought the last bus tickets to go to the last stop. It took us about 6 hrs to get there. When we got there my dad’s friend was there to welcome us. We stayed in his house for 4 days until we decided to get a house near him. A week passed I was registered to a new school.

I went to school there for 2 years and a half. The language was really hard but I learned it and I made a lot of friends. And everything was going perfect. My dad was working in a clothes factory and my mom was working with food. And me and my brother we were going to school. Days passed we had some hard time finding money. People were helping us and we were spending good time with them. Until October. 25, 2013 they called my dad and they told him we need to move to the U.S. in November.

On November 18, 2013, we went to the ferryboats to go to the airport. We arrived to Istanbul with 8 heavy bags. We found the bus that goes to the airport, it took us 30 minures. We got to the airport. We were so excited. We stayed there for 3 hrs until a guy came and he was calling names of who are traveling. He called us. 5 hours passed until the KLM Airways window has opened. We were first, they got our bags and they told us to wait 2 hrs and they gave us the tickets. We were tired and patiently waiting. The 2 hours passed, the gate opened, my dad was so happy. We got to the flight. It was night. It took us 5 hours to get to Netherlands. We rested there for 3 hours. We got new tickets to go to NY. It took us 9 hours. We arrived, we ate, we waited there for 2 hours until we got a flight. It was night. We waited for the Iom women. After 1 hour we arrived. Our relatives were there to welcome us and we stayed with them for 1 month until we found a good house near them. I started going to school from 6th grade until now.

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