We’re Northeast HS

By Northeast HS  |   From : Oakland Park, FL  |  

I’m from a country that has been through 2 earthquakes.

I’m from a place where every day you get chased by cows and dogs.

I’m from the best curry and conch salad, from blue water and from a flag that is blue, black and yellow.
I’m from a place where they have a carnival.

I’m from a flag that is red, white and blue — A flag that tells us to be strong and united.

I’m from December 25th and 28th when you hear the sound of drums.

I’m from the word Uh Oh and its 10 different meanings.
I’m from people grinding their teeth and knowing what it means.

I am from a place where every January 1st, people drink Joumou, our pumpkin soup.

I’m from 1650 when they had an earthquake – Now, they have a black jesus – The lord of the Earthquakes — They call him: Taytach Temblores and parade his statue every year on Holy Week.

We’re from places where our mother tells us to get on our knees even if we are 25 years old.

Now, we live in a place where the president is orange and hates — A place where the president believes a million dollars is a small loan — A place where people listen to rappers with rainbow colored hair – A place where every 4th of July the sky is full of fireworks and where they say soccer (when everyone else says football).

Here, when you get a car, everyone wants a ride.
Here, people are scared to say good morning.
Here, education is different.
Here, there’s a lot of opportunities.

We’re here and when we’re 18 we think we are all grown up.
We’re here and if we don’t have an iPhone, we are not important.
We’re here where girls get pregnant at 14 – Where people wear weaves and have no time for natural hair – Where we cannot be a couple in schools.
We’re here where we hurt each other for fun – Where people bully girls.

We want this place to stop the fighting.
We want everyone to live better.
We want more tolerance.
We want a different president.
We want college to be free.
We want our little brothers to be able to walk home safely.
We want the police to not assault the black community.
We want gun control.
We want better food for everyone.
We want black women to stop bleaching themselves.
We want to be able to be leaders and not followers.

We want to be more welcoming to others.

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