When I Came to the United States

By Lisbeth Castro  |   From : Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  |   School : Lawrence High School

 Hello my name is Lisbeth Castro. I grew up in the capital of Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, I remember that my life was normal. I lived together with my parents this time. I suffered a lot, l separated from my father and l went to Bani with  my mother and my brothers. My dream was to have a family but sometimes in life things happen and l went through this difficult time.

I left my mother one year ago in the Dominican Republic. l was 13 years old. l came to the United States because my grandfather is a  citizen and he wanted to come to study and be professionalism here in the United States. 

l moved with my father, brothers and sister. lt was my first time on a plane, so I felt nervous and anxious, my father and brothers they felt nervous and happy. l had to come to the United States for a good future and for a moment l decided not to go because it was very difficult for me to leave my mother, since it is a habit to be with her because I would never have separated from her. I thought about not leaving but my mother said,  “Do not waste an opportunity”.  My mother wanted me to go because she could visit me. Separating from my mom was a great challenge because it made me sad and l thought l was going to leave a piece of my life.

This event is important to me because that challenge taught me to become stronger. l mean that now the pain is not as strong as before, before I did not know how to confront it, l felt strange and I did not feel the same confidence living in my grandparents’ house as I felt before in my mother’s house.

I learned that everything happens for a reason. I hope to reach my goal to graduate from university and complete my studies and have my family.


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