When I first came here, I thought it would never change my life.

By Chancella  |   From : Phoenix, AZ  |   School : Central High School

Hey, this is my story that I’m going to tell you about. When I was in the car, I was sad because I had to leave my family and my cousins behind even though I came with my mom and dad. I wish my cousin would have come with us. Then we got into the car and drove to Chady, Africa. I was sad because I was coming to call a place that I have never seen before on the plane. We had different seats, so we weren’t sitting together. We stopped in France for a break later. The man was saying that we have to go. So we weren’t sitting together. We got on a plane and kept going and we stopped in Miami. We slept at the nemota. We had to go but we thought it was our house. It wasn’t our home so we left again the next day. My mom was taking a while because she has asthma so sometimes it’s hard for her to breathe because of pollution. That’s why she doesn’t want to move from Miami again. Later she understood. When she understood we were going because of her asthma she was okay with it. We were going soon. Later my mom understood why we needed to come to Arizona so she was cool with it. Also, I’m, going to talk about myself. When I first come into this state, I thought it would never change my life. The reason it changed my life is because I learned a lot of stuff. When I started school, I struggled in class and did not understand the teacher. What is good about it is that I had a teacher that spoke French. Also, the teacher told me what the teacher was saying in English. English was so hard because teachers speak really fast so it was for me and did not understand the teacher. I was in school for three weeks and the teacher was going to give a test that last day. I did not know how to answer it because it was hard for me to read because I didn’t know how to read and didn’t know how to write. Besides school, there were also many other differences.

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