Who Am I?

By Veronica Perez  |   From : Miramar, FL   |   School : Everglades High School

I am from were oranges are the best .

From sunny day’s and humidity.

I am from the beautiful palm trees, I live where you

vacation, every day is a beach day.

I am from where Hibiscus are grown, pretty blossomed yellow flower.

I am from noche Buena and being short.

From Maria to Roberto

I am from always talking loud and eating rice and beans with every meal.

From being told “ Dimer con quien tu andas y yo te digo quien tu eres.”

(  Tell me who you hang with, I’ll tell you who you are)

“Respeta para te respetien.” ( Respect so you can be respected.)

I’am from having having a communion and being able to get married in a church.

I’am from Hialeah, Florida

And being Cuban, eating rice, beans and pastelitos, croquetas.

From my dad coming in a raft and my mom coming on the first flight when peter pan opened up.



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