Who I Am.

By Michelle Lopez  |   From : Cuba - Puerto RIco - American  |   School : Everglades High School

 My name is Michelle Lopez. I am 14, I attend Everglades High School, I am a freshman. I am American because I was born in Miramar,Florida, but my dad is Cuban and my mom is Puerto Rican. An important memory I had in my life was when I went to Puerto Rico.When I went to Puerto Rico on July 5th,2017, it showed me my beautiful culture and that I should embrace the fact I am hispanic and that we have a gorgeous culture and shouldn’t try to hide it or be ashamed of it.


  I am not an immigrant. However, my father is an immigrant and my mother was born in a U.S. territory. My father was born in Santa Clarita,Cuba and he came here when he was 5 years old because his mom died and his dad was in jail so they moved to United States. It was a hard process, but they got through it, then when my dad came here, he went to school normally,learned English,and became successful. When my dad graduated high school,he decided to go to college. So he had to get a job to pay for a car,college, and much more for himself without help. He was determined to finish college and became a mechanic for a major company, Ford. My father is an constant reminder that I can do whatever I want if I work for it and do my best. The moment my parents told me this I thought it was an very important moment because they showed me I can do it and to never give up.


 My mother’s story is kind of the same. My mother was born in Villalba, Puerto Rico.She had a wonderful time when she was in her gorgeous island,but when she was 14 her mother sadly passed and she had to come to the united states and lived in Yonkers, New York and moved in with her dad. She then moved to Florida and then to Germany because her father married a German woman who wanted to live here a while.One hard thing is that when she left her island she had to leave 4 of her siblings. She later became close with them again through social media and visited Puerto Rico to see them. While she was moving around places she also went to school in all different places and has a great life here in Florida. Her story is also very inspiring to me cause it also shows me I can do anything if I am determined.


Out of all the bad-doing in this world, only people with the eyes to see can fully realize the beauty that life delivers. With that being said, the gorgeousness that I see through the lense of my eyes is almost inexplicable. Life is so much more than love,even though all of our dreams and motives run off of love we still manage to not admire everything that we are given. For the beauty on this planet is far more enchanting than any other planet ever discovered;but the place we live in is contaminated with arrogance and ignorance and that is why I wish to rid this world of violence.


What I choose to rid this world of is violence. With weapons of destruction on sale for the taking, how can anyone feel safe walking the street with their family? I am determined to bring love and safety to every household, and peace and prosperity to every individual. We must make a change in the United States.

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