Why are you leaving…

By Yaire Bonilla Rojero  |   From : San Fernando  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

It all started around the summer my mom and dad were already arguing because my mom found out my dad cheated on her. But one day my mom had enough and she didn’t clean the house  and my big brother Ricky and my big sister Ashley didn’t clean the house because they thought my mom was going to clean up. My dad came home around 9: something he was already mad because of work and he saw the house dirty and he started screaming at my mom . Mom started saying that they are not my kids i’m not going to clean up their mess and they are already old enough to clean up. Ashley came and started saying ¨ I help you what do you mean¨ my mom started saying you’re always with your boyfriend in the room while taking care of the kids and Ricky is always eating and playing video games and he doesn’t clean. My sister Ashley got mad and left the house. My mom went to my room and started packing while my dad started calling her a H**, Fat, Ugly, and he started talking bad about her mom and she slapped him. Out of nowhere my sister Ashley came she started punching my mom and they started fighting. I started pulling my sister Ashley so she could stop hitting my mom. My brother Ricky got my mom. I started crying and my  other older sister got tired of my mom letting my dad treat her bad. So she told my mom if you ever go back with him you can forget about me because I’m not coming back in this house. My mom got all the stuff and everyone was in the car and I remember telling my dad ¨please don’t call the cops on my mom¨ and he looked at me and walked away and my mom got me and we left to my uncle’s house. Couple months later my mom got a mail from the courthouse and my dad and Ashley wanted me and my brother and they wanted my mom in jail. They went to the courthouse for months. Around December they said my mom was going to jail because she hit my dad. They said she wasn’t going to jail for the Ashley fight because she was defending herself. She asked if she could turn herself in after Christmas so she could be with us they said okay. The funny thing is when my mom was going to turn herself in my dad went to Guatemala with his girlfriend. So my mom dropped me and my brother and sister with my aunt, and uncle. I stayed with them for a couple weeks because my dad came back when he found out I was with my uncle. He doesn’t like my uncle I don’t know why. But every time someone would knock on the door I would hope it wasn’t my dad until one day I opened the door and it was him. When I saw him i remember the day he was talking bad about my mom I started crying i saying I HATE YOU.  He said you have to come with me he took me and my brother. I wanted to stay with my sister but she said no because i need to take care of my baby brother because my dad would tell him bad stuff about my mom. When I went to his house I locked myself in the room. I would only come out so i could eat but I wouldn’t eat. I didn’t eat when he would be there I would only little things. I’m sister Ashley came to talk to me so I could start eating but I couldn’t even look at her. The only person I would talk to was my big brother Ricky because he hated my dad too. My dad would talk bad about him. One day my dad was hitting him and Ricky had enough and started choking him. Ashley was telling Ricky to stop and I took my little brother to the room. I remember hearing my dad saying ¨ GET OUT OF MY HOUSE¨ when I came out he wasn’t there. That’s when I was depressed. I didn’t care about anything. I would text my sister and she said mom would get out in two weeks she’s going to pick you guys up. I would also text my aunt and uncle they would feel bad because they knew I wasn’t myself. My mom came out on her birthday she picked up my brother and me. We went to the house and she started crying because i told her everything about me not eating and the depression. I started talking to someone and I got better. Couple months later my dad started saying Yaire is going to end up like you pregnant at age 15 not having a good job. I didn’t know he was saying that but one day I heard my mom crying to my aunt about it and I couldn’t believe it because the person who is supposed to be there for me and always believe in me was talking bad about me. At the point i didn’t see him as a dad. I know that I say I don’t need him but I always see my friends with their dads or talking about them and it makes me feel the stuff I felt with all the stuff that happened. He compared me with his girlfriend daughter  saying she’s going to have a good life not like yaire. When I was going to walk for middle school he didn’t even care. But I didn’t care because i had my uncle . BUT in the summer he got deported. I felt like the people I loved would leave . Me and my dad don’t talk still its 4 years since we talked. But I’m trying my best to do good at school so i could prove him wrong. You should always stand up for yourself.

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