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Will I get to America safely ?

By Quan Nguyen Thi Tu  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

* Traveling all over the world .

* With a nervous feeling.

* Feeling scare at the same time.

* Will I get to America safely ?

* After I come back from nervous vacation.

* I will never know the struggle of each country

* Every country , they all have their own problems.

* It’s not like the pictures that always describe all the beautiful things.

* I take so many picture with my eyes

* Where I go

* I eat every food ,

* I walk alone


Actually, the best gift I could get,

Could be to travel over the world with my family and my boyfriend.

This time with all of my people,

Who I love with all my heart.

And this time I want to go, I want to know

How it feels when you go on vacation,

Without worry.

And with the people you love.

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