I wish people were no more manipulated by fanatics.

By Elise  |   From : Saint-Denis France  |   School : Suger High School

My father was born in Brittany and my mother in Switzerland but my grandmother also was born in Switzerland. I have cousins who live in Lausanne. Every summer, I have to go to Switzerland to see my family. I’m torn between France and Switzerland. Switzerland is a bit of my country and  I miss it because firstly of my family and the joy and also our habits over there. For example we eat rösti with sausage (Swiss tradition). We eat at 6:30 pm and after we go play in the park and at night we watch TV all together as a family eating swiss chocolates. We ride to the beach on our bikes, with uncles and cousins, in estavayer-le-lac.

I am very attached to this family home which belonged to my grand-mother’s great-grand-parents. Ever Since i was little I have been going in Switzerland every summer with my sister, my cousins, my parents and my grandparents for a month. For me, this house symbolizes family. It is my great-great-grandparents who were from Switzerland who built it. It is now more than a century old, it was built in 1875. This House is located in Châtillon, a village near Estavayer-le-lac, 50 kms away from Lausanne in the district of Fribourg.

In my family we are used to going to the movie. My parents enjoy going to see films. We like going to the theater and visiting exhibitions.

My parents are baptized. They are christian but they don’t practice. I feel close to people around me at school.We have the same interest and there is a good atmosphere between us.

My parents cook according to their culture, for example for my mother this is rösti and for my father this is Britanny pancakes.

My life story is unique because i have a close family. I feel good growing up in France because it is a freedom of speech country. France is the country of human rights. It is forbidden to mistreat people. I feel good in my hometown because there is a lot of diversity.

I wish there was less discrimination and racism is France and more tolerance. I dream there were no more terrorist attacks. I wish  people were no more manipulated by fanatics. I would like no more unemployment and poverty because I want to live in a joyful country.


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