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Moving Up!

By Isaiah Trillo  |   From : Miramar, Florida  |   School : Everglades High School


I am from picture frames


From CVS Kodak cameras and printers


I am from a two bedroom apartment


Small, full, and empty from the heart


I am from roses


Roses given from a fake person


I am  from having family reunions with no one there


From the Trillo family to Goldston family


I am from getting all my work and chores done once my mom gets home


From receiving a punishment and things taken away if not done


I am from waking up early on Sunday morning and going to Church


I am from the beautiful places Dominican Republic and Colombia


From eating delicious foods and celebrating our traditions


I’m from opening presents Christmas Eve with smiles on everyone’s face


At the end of the day I am from my hard working parents


Even though they are divorced I’ve learned and will grow stronger from the pain


Sometimes things fall apart and later may fall  in  place again.



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