“I am an immigrant of the United States of America”
By Momtahina | From: Staten Island, NY | School: Susan Wagner High School

They come from Syria, Poland, Algeria, Guatemala and beyond.

In I LEARN (Marseille/New-York), the children of immigration tell us what it means to grow up in their new cities, lands, homes and languages.

“Aujourd’hui, je vais te raconter moi” By Soibra Mohamed | From : Marseille, France | School : College Jacques Prevert

“I want my voice to be heard” By Anastasiya| From: New York, NY | School: Susan Wagner High School

The exhibit showcases the stories of students from schools in Marseille and in the New York metro area.

In Marseille: Collège Jacques Prévert, Collège Rosa Parks, Lycée Saint-Charles, l’École de la Deuxième Chance and Access English.

In New York: MACS High School, Port Richmond High School, Louis Amstrong Middle School, Bloomfield High School, Susan Wagner High School and Bayonne High School.

Throughout the 4 months of the exhibit, students and educators will turn the Musee d’Histoire de Marseille into a “Story-Telling/Sharing Lab” where more youth from partnering schools in Marseille and New York will add their voices to this ever growing library.