FILMTHREAT: “I Learn America” gets a solid “A” »

“’I Learn America’ gets a solid “A” in my book.”


INDIEWIRE: “I Learn America” is one of “5 New Films to Watch Out For From AFI Docs” »

“Another title debuting here also addressing immigration is Gitte Peng and Jean-Michel Dissard’s appealing look at Brooklyn’s International High School at Lafayette, which provides a safe and nurturing space for new immigrants. Focusing on five teenagers hailing from Poland, Pakistan, Guatemala, Myanmar, and the Dominican Republic who contend with learning new languages, traditional parental expectations, and immigration status, the film shows the importance of programs like this in shaping the next generation of Americans. Perhaps most significantly, Peng and Dissard demonstrate commonalities across cultural differences, as their subjects face familiar high school rituals like prom and graduation, or schoolwork-affecting distractions in the form of sports and girls.”


HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: I Learn America: Film Review »

“There’s no denying the film’s social relevance, especially considering the fact that one out of four children in America is an immigrant. As is made all too movingly clear, the normal pressures of adolescence are sharply intensified by the cultural, legal and linguistic barriers that these youngsters must inevitably face.”


FILMMAKER MAGAZINE: Five Questions for I Learn America‘s Jean-Michel Dissard and Gitte Peng »

“The coming-of-age tale is a durable independent film genre, but it takes on added political and personal dimensions in I LEARN AMERICA”


“I Learn America” has broadcast premiere on AL JAZEERA AMERICA PRESENTS »

EXAMINER.COM: “’I Learn America’ Screens as Part of Next Wave Film Festival” »

“It’s a movie that’s at times heartbreaking and at other moments uplifting, as the five teens open up deeply and without reserve, which is somewhat astonishing, considering how self-conscious and eager to fit high school students can be.”


NOW TORONTO: “TIFF Next Wave Film Festival” »

“The strongest entry I saw was Jean-Michel Dissard and Gitte Peng’s I Learn America … a terrific year-in-the-life portrait that benefits greatly from its contrasting subjects”


FILMMAKER MAGAZINE: 10 Picks for the DOC NYC Film Festival »

“Dissard and Peng have planned an impressive number of outreach events and have entered into a number of educational partnerships to promote the message of the film.”


WYLIE WRITES: “TIFF Next Wave 2014: I Learn America” »

“I Learn America deserves a hearty recommendation. It’s a bona fide doc with flawless charm and genuineness.”


THE ARTS GUILD: “TIFF Next Wave 2014: I Learn America – Documentary Review” »

“I Learn America presents the unheard voices of immigrant students in America, and does so in a well-balanced and engaging manner.”


L’EXPRESS: “Un Festival des Films par et pour les Jeunes” »

DORK SHELF: “TIFF Next Wave 2014: I Learn America Review” »

“Funny, engaging and thought provoking, I Learn America is an effective film that reminds the audience of what the human spirit is capable of, and will have audiences cheering on the film’ subjects by the end.”


WASHINGTON POST: “I Learn America” in AFI DOCS special pilot program for policy engagement »

NEW YORK TIMES: Marcelo and Carola Suárez-Orozco’s Op-Ed highlights Internationals Network for Public Schools model »

“One successful model is the Internationals Network for Public Schools, where educators focus on students’ distinct needs and develop authentic connections with their families.”