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No Longer an Outcast

By Julissa  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Mario Umana Academy

I’m an immigrant
Because I left home
It wasn’t my choice
But it was my last resource

I was small
And I didn’t know
That my life
Would take a turn

I went with it all
I saw everything unroll
And I kept quiet
Just watching the show

No one knew
Except my family
That I would soon leave
To achieve the ‘American Dream”

I never imagined
That I would leave my home
The only home that I had known
It hit me hard as I said goodbye

I cried day and night
Unable to stop
I tried to be strong with all I had
But I was only 7<

So you couldn’t expect much
I was young but
I understood what was going on
But I was too young

To hold everything inside
I broke down in the night
Remembering all those times
Where we would all have fun

And never cry
I remember when everything was alright
I would stick to them and we would play in the yard
They always defended me
But also punished me when I was bad

I miss my grandparents
Most of all
It broke my heart
When we had to part

When I came here
Everything was so weird
It was like
My whole world disappeared

I saw new people
I saw new places
All with different races

I tried to fit in
With all I had within
But it didn’t work out
At the first end

I learned the language at last
And the culture as well
I started fitting in
No longer an outcast

I accomplished a lot
I made my whole family proud
But all I did was frown

Because even though
I’m in a house
I’m not home
The home I had always known

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