3 Countries in a Heart

By Rosemary Gramajo  |   From : Puerto Rico / Guatemala / America  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

Three Countries in a Heart

3 countries in a heart 3 love that live in me 3 cultures that I learned.

The First is with P the second is with G and the third is with A.

Three countries in a heart three loves that live in me three cultures that I learned.     With P is Puerto Rico well my mom was born there with G is Guatemala well my daddy was born there And the Land Americana is where I was born one day.

Three countries in a heart three loves that live in me three cultures that I learned. In my body runs  blood of three countries that I love

so right here I conclude by saying thank you to God because of him today I have Three countries in a heart.

March 26, 2014, I Rosemary Gramajo went to the white house to meet the president of the united states. Who at the time was Barack Obama. I was chosen to go because of a poem that I wrote titled three countries in a heart. The poem is about how I am a mixed child and how no matter what I will always have three countries in a heart.

It’s hard growing up in a house where you are not only struggling to learn English but where you have to manage two Spanish. In my case, they were the Guatemalan Spanish and the Puerto Rican Spanish. When I was younger I responded to the Guatemalan spainish meaning that I would respond to Cincho (Belt) instead of Correa ( Also Meaning Belt). My mom Would get mad and then tell my dad “ No you are confusing her “ My dad would just laugh


Its hard enough to grow up with two cultures in your household but its harder when one of your parents is an immigrant. My father came from Guatemala when he was 16 or 17. When my mom met my dad she didn’t know that he was here Illegally here. Until 2007, my father was working (As a truck driver) and it seems that the women working in the tolls called I.C.E on my father and that’s when my dad got detained. My dad was in a jail for I believe a few months. I remember my dad not coming home from work and I would ask my mom where was my father. She would simply tell me that he is coming late from work.

Present -2018

This has been on-going for 11 years. Currently, the situation has gotten harder because with the president that we have rules have changed. My dad lawyer said that there isn’t enough heartmentship in the case so that I had to write a letter to the judge this is what I


To whom this may concern,

Let’s talk about family. Not everyone has a family to support them. Yet there are people who want to separate families who come to America for a better life. They ask me how would I feel if my dad were to get deported. That’s like asking a baby how would it feel if we didn’t feed him/her. I wouldn’t survive. My dad provides for this family and not only economically but also emotionally I wouldn’t survive. They want to take my rock away the person who I inherited my talents from the person that was there for me when I needed advice. The Person who helped give birth to me and yet they want to take him away. They want to take away my privilege of having a family. I don’t even want to imagine what I would do to my surroundings or to myself if they took my father away. Don’t even say that I can go to Guatemala every day a girl goes missing in Guatemala. Image a girl from the United States who has nice clothes walking around in Guatemala “ She must have money” They are going to say, next thing you know I’m on the front page of the news reading “ Girl from the U.S goes missing” Whose fault is that gonna? Our current president is always talking about putting Americans first in America. Is it putting Americans first when you sent them and their family to a country to suffer? Last time check I was born in MetroHealth hospital located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, and I am not even thought of in this process, yet I am the future of America. I am, and all of the kids of immigrants born here in America. We are the future.


Rosemary Gramajo Quiñones

At the end of the poem, I give Thanks to God because of him today I have 3 countries in a heart and no one can take that away.

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