Being Different

By Sandra  |   From : Poland  |   School : International High School at Lafayette

Being different


My name is Sandra. The title of my story is “being different”. So let me get started. Being different is like a part-time job. You are half yourself and half the time you try to be someone better for the people to show how you want to be.


Walking down the street, people already know that I’m different. They react to my appearance like it is something bad. They say: “ oh, it’s a boy”. Or “It is is a half boy And half girl” –


I used to be like all the girls- I were a girly girl. W and shopping like so many girls – I dressed so girly nice. And when I came to the USA, I saw that everybody’s different here. Different nationality, different people, different dressing, different cultures, and all of that. So, I just decided, I’m going to be who I am. And if you got a problem with me, just come and talk to me. If you’ve got a problem, we can solve that. And I just stayed like that.



And I’m telling you being different doesn’t mean like you are bad or something. It’s just being. Be who you are. I just want to be myself. Just be Sandra that everybody knows. My dream is to be myself and make people believe in me the way I really am. I want to open the eyes and hearts to really show I am still same person inside with the same feelings, same identity and the same human rights as anybody else in this world.

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