I can’t see colors

By Cindy Lopez  |   From : Peru  |   School : Bloomfield High School


I am from a gray city, Lima

With foggy and cold days,

Where everything is dark and gray

Where I can’t see colors

Until the sun rises


I am from a noisy street

Where dogs are barking all night

Where people scream what they sell

From a street that needs to be silent

I am from a dangerous place 

Where you can get hurt for a phone

Where they can put a gun to your head 

For a few cents

From a place, where people 

Don’t respect each other


I am from a particular family

Where you can’t feel what’s next

Where there is not trust 

From a family, where I can feel love and judgement 

at the same time

As if you are on a pendulum of emotions 

I am from a mix of races 

A mix of different languages and traditions.

A mix of colors, from conquistadors and kings

From a strong and powerful race

I’m from a judging world  

Where I’m afraid to share what I think

Where I don’t know where I belong

From a world that is waiting for my mistakes 

Where my feelings are restricted 

I am not where I’m from

It’s hard to know where I belong

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