” Father’s ” Day

By Alex Ramirez  |   From : San Fernando  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy


Everyone in life have had trauma or sum terrible happen to them, sum that won’t leave you at all. There’s many types of trauma and you can more than just one.

In my 14 years of being alive Ive been threw so much with my family and myself personally, but one that hurted me the worse and which affected me the most was my parents fighting which led my dad to leave.  It was a normal sunday, the whole family went for our daily sunday brunch and my parents weren’t talking to each other, i felt something in the air. My dad was drinking early already early into the day, so right there i already knew something was wrong, and my mom look like she was crying. We had brunch and we left the restaurant, we visited a family member’s house were my dad was able to drink more and become a little closer to becoming drunk. My dad decided to leave already so we left and half way onto the way home my dad presided to talk crap to my mom about going threw his phone without him knowing. My mom started screaming back asking why he was talking and seeing other women. The car stayed silent for the remainder of the car ride home. As soon as we get home my dad is last to get out of the car and pulls me outside to talk to me about how he’s leaving an dima need to man up and take his role in the house. He gives me all the money he has in his wallet and also his phone, he takes a backpack and a suitcase with some of his stuff while getting in his truck. I was crying and my brothers didn’t really know what was happening since they were still small and little.


This really impacted me really and since my dad is my best friend to me, I lost most of the things I’ll do with him on the weekends. Also to see my mother crying so much and drinking the pain away was terrible to see. My brothers constantly asking where my dad went and being confused. But me being the oldest outta of my brothers, I had a big role so far in comfortably my younger brothers and make them forget about this, while I’m crying baldy inside.


I’ve hoped that my parents will get over this and become a family again all together. Luckily my dad came back the next afternoon and I’m assuming my parents talked it out. My dad came back in ate dinner with me and my brothers. But he was still sleeping on couch for the next couple of months, but they slowly began talking to mom and they became a relationship again. I used playing football on my Xbox to help me out and get this situation outta my mind.

However, I will not let this terrible day ruin my whole life, also how to be a better husband to my future wife. Me keeping my head up, and focusing on other things kept the fact that my own parents who would have been separated. If anything happens again i will know exactly what to do

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