Growing up Christian and Bisexual 

By Keishla  |   From : Puerto Rico/Florida  |   School : Plantation High School

Growing up Christian and Bisexual 

I was born on August 14th, 2001 in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. My parents moved us to Virginia when I was 3 years old to give me and my brothers a better life than they’d be able to in Puerto Rico. Growing up we moved around a lot when we moved from Virginia to west Virginia my parents had only talked to me in Spanish so when I’d try to make friends my older brother would have to talk to them for me when I wanted to play.  

In elementary school around 1st or 2nd grade and my friends would be getting crushes on boys I realized that I would get crushes on boys and girls but I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with it I thought everyone felt this was until people started to say otherwise most of this coming from my family. My mom grew up catholic and my dad grew up Christian so you could say I come from a religious family I did believe in all of that mostly because my parents did and honestly this idea that you would be punished in the afterlife because of being who you are in you mortal life made me really question my beliefs because why would people say god loves all but if you are happy living and loving who you want he will punish you.  

So, years went on and I started to feel that how I was feeling towards other girls wasn’t right and I just got very depressed feeling as though I couldn’t be with who I wanted to be with. Flash forward to my freshman year when I joined GSA (gay-straight alliance) and my eyes were opened to all these people that felt the same way I did, and I finally felt as though I was accepted. Whenever my mom would pick me up after a meeting I would just sit in the car trying to tell her what I was actually doing after school but I just couldn’t will myself to it wasn’t until the day GSA was doing something for the day of silence when I had to give my mom a field trip form to be able to get out of class. The paper had two clubs written on it NAHS and GSA so when my mom asked I realized I was tired of holding it all in so I told her and she stayed quiet for a second I remember sitting there starting to cry and she asked me if I was gay and I in turn told her no I’m bisexual. Another couple of seconds go by and she told me that it was okay and she didn’t love me any less the feeling I felt after that was one I never felt before I felt a rush of emotion coming out of me and it may sound cliché but it did truly feel like I had this big weight lift off my shoulders and I could relax.  

After all this my mom asked me if she wanted me to have her tell my dad and to my surprise everyone in my family was very okay about it took them a while to get used to the idea but once they did everything fell into place. This truly showed me that no matter how bad you think things will be they can always turn around in the end and be a very good thing and I am very thankful because now me and my mom are extremely close and there’s nothing, I don’t tell her. Although it was a very bumpy full of emotions road, I don’t think I would ever want to change my story. 

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