I am from my dominican Republic

By Shaneysis Paredes  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from my dominican Republic

Bachateros and baseball players

I am from my hood

Where the people go outside

To talk about the government

When the light goes away.

Eating frituras or empanadas with quinone juice in the morning.


I am from my house

Where my grandma washes the clothes

And I need to put the clothes on the roof

Because there was the sun.

And the clothes can dry up.



I am from the weather

Where the people cooking

Milk chocolate with bread

When it raining. When it raining

And people come out and walk

Around the hood until the rain stops.


I am from the beaches

Where the people spend a good time

Eating fish and fries plantains,

Make barbeque, and alcohol drinks.

Where you can see the people fishing

And later cooking the fish.


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