I left a part of me

By Aminatta Sisawo  |   From : Gambia  |   School : MACS The Bronx

I grew up in Old Jeshwang. It was so nice and we spoke Mandinka. I lived with my family. I was so stubborn during my childhood. I would beat up my younger brothers. But I was still happy where I grew up. I found out I was leaving in September of 2016. I was really happy, but sad too because I was leaving all of my friends there. I was happy because I was coming to see my dad and I had not seen my dad for ten years. I was also happy because I would learn more about English. I had studied English for three years.

We prepared to leave by buying clothes and packing memorable items, like blackfish. When it was time to say goodbye, we held each other’s hands and started crying. We said goodbye to my father’s old house in Gambia. Something interesting that happened before I left was that we took a lot of pictures. I took a picture of my house. That day was the happiest day of my life.

I left Gambia to go to the United States in October of 2016 with my older sisters. I remember that when I was coming to the United States I took lots of pictures with my friends and family. I remember that it was so important to me because I was going to leave a part of my family.

When I first came to the United States, I arrived at the airport. My first thought was that it was so cold but beautiful. I saw beautiful cars and tall buildings. One thing I noticed was that our language was different.

My new home looked beautiful because it had more space. It was as big as an airport. My old house was as noisy as a zoo because many people lived there. My new house is quiet.

When I started school, I felt so happy because I was going to be surrounded by students from different countries. I am still happy because I have friends who go with me. One thing that has changed in my life is the amount of classes I take. Where I come from, I took fewer classes than what I take here. But where I come from in Gambia, our classes were more difficult than in United States.

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