Respect Other Religions

By Noor Alothman  |   From : Upper Marlboro, MD  |   School : International High School at LArgo

My name is Noor Alothman , and I am from Syria.

My story happens in United States in 2017. The people in my story are two men. The main problem in my story is the two men started to harassingments us because they did not want a muslims in their country. Overall  These two men told us really bad words and hurts us too much  because they were very racist  with us just because we are muslims. These two men show us the bad moments in united states because they were very tough  when they looked at us. 

First of all this story is  talking about my mom and me. One day I was going to the library with my mom. First when we get into the library there was two men.

The two men comes to us and they said “what are you doing in here?”

My mom said, “excuse me why are you asking me?”

In addition,than the man said “none of your business.”

The other man said “I do not want you here get out of the library.”

My mom and me were very angry.  I told my mom that we should know why he told us that.

I asked him “excuse me, what happened.”

Then he said, “I do not want a muslims in that place.”

My mom said, “stop doing that we all the same and in this life we all should be nice to each other.”

The man looked at us and  laughed.

In this story I am writing about very bad moments happened  with my mom and me inside library in united states. Since my mom and me were inside the library two men tried to insulting us.

The two men looked at us and they said, “take off your hijab.

My mom and me looked at them and we told them, “excuse me. be respectful and stop saying that.”

The two men said to my mom and me, “if you are not gonna take off your hijab you will have problems.”

My mom said, “This is my religion you cannot force us to do anything and also you cannot tell me that.”

Then the two men looked at us and they said “stupid people.”


The biggest thing that happened was when the two men said “why both are having that on your head.”

My mom said this is part of our religion.

Then the  two men looked at me and told me “how your hair it looks like.”

Then he said  “take off your hijab it is not allowed in here.” 

However, in that moment I looked at them and I told them “this is my religion you cannot tell me that.”

Then the man looks at me and he told me “I do not like your religion.”

In that moment I did not give up and I did not show him that I am scared I just told him “all the people have their religion and have their life. “

Finally I want to say, do not discriminate against other people. After when all of these happened. My mom and me started  talking to them and we told them we all the same but they were bad and they did not understand that. The 2 men looked at us very bad. Also, the 2 men said bad words that made us sad. My mom and me  just went back home and ignored them because we were scared of them.









This made me learned that we should always be patient and never give up especially when someone insulting you and your religion. Also, this made me learned that I should be strong when someone being bad with me and my family because in that situation we need someone with us to be able to talk to people that insulting us and show them that we are not scared of them.

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