Right now I’m very happy

By Aracely  |   From : Honduras  |   School : South Broward High School

My name is aracely, I’m 16 years old and going to be a senior in high school.I’m from Honduras. I was 10 years old when my mother decided to come to the USA with my sister and I because the situation in Honduras was hard and very dangerous. We didn’t have a family member in the USA. She was working when they fired her. She was looking for work but all the time they said no. So we migrated to the USA It was difficult at first because we didn’t know what would happen on the way.But everything went well. The person who received us was kind to us, but at least we have a place to sleep and eat. No, like other people that don’t have a person here and have to sleep in the street.

I came here during the summer, so I had a good time. I really miss my friends and family in Honduras, but at that moment I had my sister. For me, it was different places, and it was boring at first, but I got used to it. But school time started and I was really nervous because I didn’t know English and didn’t know how school was here. On the first day of school, I was really nervous. My sister dropped me off, and I almost cried because I didn’t understand English. At first in school, I had bad grades in school, but I tried, and I had one of the best teachers that year because she gave me a book and I started, and she told me every day, “Don’t do my work, learn new words, and you will get a grade.” When it was time for that class, I was excited because the other teachers were really mean to me. Every day, I learned a new word, and when I began to understand my homework and classwork, the teacher complimented me on my intelligence. I started to make friends and get engaged to them. I was really happy at that time.

Right now I’m very happy because I have all my family with me and a person who makes me happy every day. I have a lot of dreams, and my biggest goal is to become a business woman. Since I was little, I have liked business, and my dream is to become an entrepreneur. Going to college, becoming a good person, and accomplishing all my goals




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