slow progress is still a form of progress

By Roberto  |   From : Florida  |   School : Everglades High School

My story

I am very grateful for being able to share my story and not only am I a proud Hispanic, I am from Peruvian descent.  My life consists of many accomplishments and achievements and I am proud of all the success I accomplished but to ever happy story there is a negative side. My road is long and curvy with every smooth road comes a bumpy one and as I am growing up I am learning something everyday. Everyone that is close to me knows that I am a passionate swimmer but when I was first introduced to this sport I was not ready to experience some of things that I thought I would experience. Some of the things that I’ve experience while doing this sport is success, failure, love, hate, and the worst of all was pain. A majority of my time doing this sport I experienced pain whether  it was physical or mental the feeling was always there. As I grew up it was obvious people were jealous and tried bringing me down and as a child I didn’t know how to respond to the negativity.The first time I realized the world could be a cruel place my eyes were opened it gave me more motivation to train and compete harder than everyone. Even though there is always going to be bullies and trash talkers I will know personally that I am on my road to success and no matter how slowly I’m travelling this path no one can bring me down. People tell me that I should quit and give up something that I learned is that some people might quit due to slow progress but what they fail to realize is that slow progress is still a form of progress.

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