Sometimes I want to give up but I hear a voice always tell me “YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! “

By Christelle  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Coral Springs High School

 I was born on (August 15, 2006) in the USA, I’m Haitian and American, when I was younger I lived with my dad and my stepmom in Jacksonville, after some story happened when my dad was at work, my dad decided to send me to my grandmother house in Tamarac, but my dad and my stepmom was still abused me.

I had a lot of bruises on my skin and I only had bad grades. I was in first grade at TAMARAC Elementary and my teacher wanted to know what was going on with me, and when she asked me a question I answered.

On March 9, 2014, a case began by DCF, they came to my house and my dad’s house. My family was very scared for my Dad, he could have gone to jail for abusing a child.

On March 14, 2014, they sent me to Haiti to my real mom, I didn’t care because I was so happy to be with her, but in November 2014 she abandoned me and my grandma’s house in Haiti, I went through a lot of struggles, I didn’t know how to speak creole, it was very hard for me.

I passed from hand to hand because I didn’t have parents. In August 2018 I met my adoptive parents, and I recognized my partner and maternal love. I’m always making mistakes, and it is difficult in my life, but I still stay strong.

23 October 2022 I’m back in the USA, I went to school, and I still make mistakes but I keep moving foward because I have a lot of dreams. It’s not a problem to be here because I know my country already. I’ve been through a lot of things in Haiti, but I have no regrets. I met my mom and my siblings.

My name is CHRISTELLE, I’m an abused child and a traumatized child, but whatever it is I keep moving with the strongest mindset, sometimes I want to give up but I hear a voice always tell me YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! 


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