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Sweet and Salty

By Silvio Bunay  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from playing soccer,

Where kids in groups play,

No matter if it’s raining,

I am from always trying to do my best on the field,

In every single match that I have played.

I am from eating mangos verdes after a match,

I am from finishing playing soccer to go with friends to pull mangos from the trees,

And eating those sweet “mangos verdes” with salt,

I am from playing soccer from where I forgot my problems


I am from hanging out with Carlitos and Mariano,

Doing funny things around town,

Kids trying to discover new things in their lives,

I am from where families eat “encebollado with “chifles” and “rice”, fritada with “chifles”,

I am from a sugar company in town,

“Ingenio Ecudos”,

I am from visiting my uncles and aunts in “Guayaquil”,

I am from going outside anytime,

I am from a now that it’s dangerous,

From a grandma who tells me that now there are bad people stealing

Stealing from, scaring

People with guns.  


I am from living in a small city “La Troncal.”

In “La Troncal” you can see new things,

That you would never expect,

Difficult and funny moments,

A warm place in summer,

From  people who want to go to the pool,

And every kid wants to eat ice cream everyday,

I am from a winter where it rains a lot and brings a chill

Where people want to stay at home,

I am from mountain people,

The good and the bad,

From mountain  kids eating cacao, grosellas and mango.


I am from the best childhood,

The best and worst moments of my life living in “La Troncal”.  


-November 28,2017

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