The Story of My Life

By  Diephna Jeanty  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Plantation High School


Hi my name is Diephna Jeanty I was born in Haiti on October 24, 2001 

I came to America when I was only 3 years old with my sister and dad. My mom and my little brother couldn’t come so we had to leave them behind. 

 When we first arrived in America we didn’t speak English so my dad couldn’t get a job, so me and my sister went to go live with my aunt until he can find a job and somewhere to stay. 

Living with my aunt was one of the worst experiences of my life, she was physically and verbally abuse to my sister and I. She would hit us for no reason, call us all types of names and tell us that are mom and dad didn’t care about us. We would tell our dad what was going on and he didn’t do anything about it, so it made us feel like we had no one to help us. 

Going to school was one of my favorite things to do because I wasn’t at home and I didn’t have to worry about what was goimg to happen to me if I  did something my aunt didn’t like. I had friends that I can talk to, but that all went away when I went to middle school. All the friends I did have were gone and I didn’t have anyone to talk to since my sister had left to go live with her God mother (she was lucky). Some time I felt like I want to end my life or run away and never look back, but it never happened. 

The only family I felt like I had was the friend I had in school and teachers that would help me out or give me advice when I need it. 

Not having a mom or a dad to talk to and ask for advice as I grew up was hard, and that’s want made me so independent and strong today, not having to depend on anyone but myself. 

I know it will get better in the future. We came to America to have a better life and that what I plan to do. 

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