This is my life

By Edgar Peralta  |   From : Mexico  |   School : West Broward High School

I come from Mexico City, I moved to the United States 4 years ago. My life in Mexico was very good, many friends, very good at school, if I loved my life in Mexico until my dad arrived one day and told me that if I would like to live in the United States and I said, “Yes ….why not?”. Then time passed and my dad and my mom traveled to Florida in search of houses to live, they spent weeks and did not find anything. My parents told me and also told my brothers and we were sad because we thought we were not going to live in the United States, until they told us good at least we go to Disney and we think it’s good. Then we got to Orlando and had a good time at Disney until my parents told us that if we were going to live in the United States and I was shocked because I could not say goodbye to my friends and family. Living here in this country brought me many good things I feel more secure, I am happy, I like my school, I like my life, and I love my family and we support each other because we are the only ones in my family to come to the United States and in this country I have more opportunities to have a great future.

Sorry if I can not express much.

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