This Is My Story

By Alycia Roberts  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School

Hi, my name is Alycia Roberts I was born in Colorado, Springs I am 17 years old. I moved here to Miami when i was maybe two years old with my mom and siblings, it took three days to get here from Colorado. My mom moved back here because her and my father were getting  divorced, she wanted to come back to be with her family. We lived in a condo in Miami Lakes until I was in the third grade then we moved here in Miramar in a house. I went to Sea Castle Elementary from third to fifth grade. But in third grade I wasn’t ready at the same level as the other students. I couldn’t read like them, i wasn’t making A and B honor roll my grades were so bad i use to cry to my mom asking her how come i was like them. So my mom called the school board asking them why are you passing my daughter she isn’t learning anything, so they tested me. I found out that I have ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) I had to get my heart tested so i can be able to take medicine so I can stay focus in schools. When i got my heart tested i had to walk around with a heart monitor for 24 hours. After that i had to take pill monday through friday on the weekends I didn’t have to, I didn’t like that everybody noticed how i went from being loud and goofy too being really shy and to myself. Everyone would ask me “what’s wrong” “are you ok” “do feel ok”?  I didn’t like it so i stopped taking it i would cry about not feeling normal. But then in the fifth grade my ESE teacher Ms.needham talk to me about me not taking my medicine she told me that there isn’t anything wrong with me there are many people in the world that have to take medicine for something. But there are also people that has ADHD just like me and has to take medicine for stay focus just like me. So that’s when I started to take my medicine and my grades got better i was on the A and B honor roll three time that year and each time my family and I went and celebrate or my mom would go and get me something from the store. When i got into the 6th grade I stopped taking my medicine my mom didn’t have the money to take me to the doctors and my dad didn’t wanna give her money. So i completely stopped all throughout middle school. I then realized that I need to take the medicine if I wanna really do good in high school so I told my mom. In my first year in high school my mom wasn’t really ready to get it for me so I had to wait, Now i’m in  the 10th grade and I take my medicine everyday. My grade are getting better and i don’t feel like i’m not normal I feel like this is what my life is going to be and i just need to life it to embrace it.

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