I don’t want to scare anyone

By Marie Charles  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : G

Being a Haitian girl is the best thing that I can say. My country is a poor country, but there are a lot of beautiful things in Haiti. The area that I came from is really dangerous; people die there all the time. My mother was scared to let us live there, but I liked it there. Being there made me think about life, and see who is bad and who is good, and who you can count on.  When I was in Haiti, I was the respectful girl; I always thought that if I respected others, they could never do bad things to me, but I guess I was wrong about that. In Haiti I was a smart girl, and people hated me for that. I remember one day in Haiti, I was playing soccer with my best friend and some other boys, and there was an old lady that came to where we were playing. A boy shot the ball, and the ball went inside my house. The lady came to me and started cursing at me even though I did not throw the ball. She said, “I don’t care” and kept cursing about my mother. I remember I cursed back at her, because I don’t like people to curse my mother. My mother’s life is important to me. That day my mother was in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and I was in Riyelle Camayol. As I slept I had a bad dream, and when I woke up my mother was there. I told my mother about the dream, and while I was telling my dream I felt like I would die. I couldn’t feel myself. I got sick, and my mother said we were going to the hospital. The only thing I could remember is feeling a lot of people coming to me and trying to beat me and saying let’s go. I fell down and acted like a crazy girl. That’s the reason every time somebody tells a story, and it’s sad, I cry. That means I’m going to fall down. I have a voodoo sickness in me. That’s the story I always wanted to share, but I’m always afraid to tell. I don’t want to scare anyone because I’m a sick girl.

I don’t remember a lot about coming to America. What I remember is I was so happy to hear about I was leaving Haiti, yet sad too, because I was leaving the people I loved behind and the people who taught me about life.

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