A Lie Behind a Life

By Ali Amad  |   From : Pakistan  |   School : International High School at Largo

Back In pandemic. I was struggling a lot. I was kind of mad and sad because of the pandemic. I was struggling a lot on my studies because of online classes. I couldn’t focus on my studies because I was too busy playing games. Also, the online classes were emotionally and mentally draining. I didn’t feel I was learning. Nothing was sticking. I was so unmotivated and yet I know quitting wasn’t an option. I was stuck and I was sick of this.

At this point I was just trying to pass all my classes with C. I hated online classes so much that everytime I woke up in the morning, I just wanted to cry.  I hated introducing myself on the first day of online school. My online learning experience was a completely different thing than what I was used to in the physical classroom. I liked to be in the physical classroom rather than an online learning environment. I was struggling to do online homework. It was way easier to do homework on paper than online. 

One time in class, other students were not taking online classes seriously. Some people joined Zoom with inappropriate names and the teacher did nothing. The only thing they did was kick the person from zoom and then they joined again. 

Finally, I have spent a TON of time reflecting on the fact that what I really like is contact with my friends. I need my friends to be around me, laugh with them, hug them and learn with them. This online stuff; its not temporary. Then this will not be for me to learn and to remember about what we learned in online class. The lesson I learned from this year of online schooling is that we should never ever give up, and just fight the struggles you face.

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