A New Journey

By xmarta9  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

The most positive thing that has happened to me is to be grateful to have met colleagues and teachers who help the future Latino generation. These people have helped me to understand the laws, to learn English and never give up in order to achieve my goals.

Today I have a better opportunity to have a comfortable life and help my family. Because since I came to the United States I have the opportunity to continue studying to be an officer of the Air Force. Even if I separated from my family for a long time. I will do it to give them a better life and to be together again since we have been separated for a long time. That’s why I want to strive every day to achieve my goals.

The happiest day of my life was to be with my father again after 9 years. Because after so much time I’ve joined him.

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