After all of this

By Jazmine Figueroa  |   From : Cleveland  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

My life was always good I always got a lot of the things i wanted my dad always made a way for me and my mother and brother. We always were a family that was good on the outside and behind closed doors, it was a different story. My dad sold drugs and he was a very strict man. I use to always see people coming in and out of my house and I remember one time when I was younger I walked in on one of his sales and my dad yelled and whooped me until he couldn’t anymore. I was so young and I always got a lot of the things I    wanted to get from my dad. I knew very little of what my family was going through because I was so young but even then I knew something wasn’t right about us. I had always been popular at school and I would always live at my aunt house and wonder why other kids lived with there dads and i didnt and why my parents would argue ansd fight so much and most times I would never know why. Most of my childhood consists of me being around my aunt my cousins and my mother I went with my dad sometimes but not a lot he would have me around different females and everything was kind of weird for me because my mom and dad would always fight and argue but they would always get back together. I was about 6 years my mother got pregnant and I noticed my father was not around for a really long time and I didn’t know why. My mom told me he did something bad and he was going to be gone for a long time. I wasn’t with my dad for about 10 months not knowing where he went and later down the line I found out he was in jail that whole time for drugs. When my dad came out of prison everything was odd but also normal I had a brother and and when my dad came home he did the exact same thing instead of changing as most people would have, He sold drugs that’s what kept the money for my family going. That’s a little about my life and how my parents are now I’m going to tell you about how it all went left.


My mom and dad had always known their relationship was falling apart and so did I, I just never thought that it would become so crazy and emotionally toxic. My dad was a very aggressive man when it came to his words. He knew he could get to me and my mom through his words. I knew not to push his buttons so my dad and I didn’t really talk we barely had a relationship due to the fact that we could never really get along.My mom and I have always been close I’ve always told her everything about me and about my life and she never told me anything I said or did could alter our relationship in any way and I had always appreciated that love and care from her. My parents got a divorce when I was about 12 almost 5 years ago from today. It made me upset and I felt like I was one of the main causes of this. Me my mother and, my brother left my dad by himself and he went to Florida to live with my uncle he ended up not liking it and coming back to Cleveland and my parents barely talked and I  barely ever got to see my dad so I didn’t think much about him but there was always an in the back of my mind like if my mom had stayed even through all the stress would I be a better person? Would my mother be miserable? Would I and my mom relationship be done? I had so many questions with a little guidance on how to answer them so I would push them to the back of my head.


After all of this, I still managed to get through all my issues and problems I and my parents have such a good relationship and everything is so much better in my household even though my parents are not together they still get along for the sake of me and my brother. My dad doesn’t sell drugs anymore and my mom is a stronger more independent women. I’m happy with how my life is going now its a lot better and not as depressing as it seemed before even without all the money.

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