American Dream

By David  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

Do you know what is to live with the fear of leaving home and not knowing if you are coming back alive? You know what it is like to travel by yourself, without your parents or any friend with the knowledge that you can die in any time?  Well, I do because I had to make a trip like that to come to America.  However,  I am glad to be in this country because I am safe from gangs and poverty.

I was only 15 years old when my grandpa decided to bring me to this country. The principal reason was because gangs started to kill my family.

I start my travel on March 14, 2015. I am from El Salvador and had to go through Guatemala and then Mexico.   I finished my trip on May 16,2015.

I remember the first time that i saw my family again.  They asked me how my trip was, and I started to cry because I remember that was very hard for me.  

My aunt said, “How you feel? Are you ok?”

I responded, “Yes, I am.   Don’t worry about me.”

“Get in the car,” she demanded.


One month after I arrived to this country, I started to work with my grandpa in New York.  Two months after, my aunt started to talk with my grandpa about that I could go to school, but the only reason why I could not go to school was because my family in El Salvador needs money to survive in a country like mine where gangs have the control of the whole country, where police do not do anything to protect helpless citizens.


Finally the decisión was mine, and I decided to start  the school.  I came to the International High School because people told me that in this school I could be safe from bullying because when i started school, i did not understand what was happening because all was in english. In this school I made a lot of friends, and  in this school i met the most important person.  I  met my girlfriend who became  my best friend.


My life is not easy because in the beginning i had a lot of problems about  deciding  to work or go to school.   Now i am living by myself,  but i am happy because i have God in my life and he gave me the person who make my life happy.  That person is my girlfriend.

Right now my dreams or ( goals ) are to finish high school, to get a good job, and finally to start a life.  Start my own family with my girlfriend


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