Born Deaf, Become Success

By Javen Dias  |   From : Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

I remember when my mother gave birth to me as a newborn child. My mom thought I was hearing, but my mom knew about my future. I was normal until one year old. My mom cleaned the room with a vacuum. My mom noticed that I was silent and didn’t react to any sounds and worried about what happened to me and why I didn’t hear a loud noise. My mom brought me to the hospital to check on me and found out that I was deaf. Mom was so upset and worried about how mom will not be able to take care of me being deaf. She thinks it will be hard to take care of me because she has never taken care of a deaf baby before. But my godmother knew how to take care of me with my mother. My godmother encouraged me to go to Horace Mann School for the Deaf because many Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are enrolling. My mom was hoping to see what my future was? Will I be successful in my goals? After 18 years, after  the last IEP, my mom was so happy to see how she could take care of me with my godmother. My mom knew I was ready to graduate this year. I feel proud to move on to a new life of independence with my family.

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