I can’t believe this is happening

By Emilie Pozo  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I can’t believe this is happening

Not today

I left Ecuador behind

Now this?

How many things do I have to lose?

I can see a green one

A gray one

A big one

But where is my backpack?

The band keeps rolling

I still don’t see my backpack

The airline says that they will call

They better call

40 DAYS!!!

We have to wait 40 days

So unfair

“They will pay us” my mom keeps saying

I don’t want money

I want my backpack

What happened to my teddies?

What happened to my cow

That my best friends gave me on our anniversary

What happened to my teddy

That used to sing “Angel”?

What happened to that big teddy

That Nico gave me on my birthday?

What happened to the photos?

What happened to the memory flash?

My first time riding a bicycle was there

My brother’s first steps

Will money bring that back?

The airline calls

They can’t find it

I feel so sad

I’ve lost too much already

My mom has the check

I keep questioning myself

Did someone steal that bag?

Or did they just lose it?

I hope not

But if someone did

I hope they take care of my precious teddies

And all of those moments

That I lost along with that backpack

And wherever those things are right now

I send them a hug

I learn to let things go

It’s part of growing up

Well I’m just learning


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