change can make me succeed

By Phen  |   From : Colorado  |   School : Silverton Middle School

 I was at Kendall Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado .I was skiing as well following Reid and Quinn on the edge of a green run in a shadow line because the snow was sticky. The shadow made it hard to see clearly.  Then we dropped in to the hump jump .I caught my edge and fell and heard a pop in my arm .I was bawling and my dad brought me down to the car and my parents drove me to Purgatory Urgent Care .It was a greenstick fracture .They gave me a sling and after two weeks I went to the Durango Urgent Care and I got a blue cast .I couldn’t write because I broke my right arm. It was in March. This morning I realized I still carry this experience with me.  I will read a quote from my favorite skier, Kai Jones. He said: “If it doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you .” This quote applies to me at this point; this injury changed and challenged me . When I was younger, I looked up to Reid and Quinn. When I heard the pop I felt scared. I also still look up to Kai Jones. He is a professional big mountain skier. This year he blew out his knee. It was 7 miles into the back country from Jackson Hole  Ski Resort.  Jackson Hole News & Guide shared his instagram post .He is really important to me because he has pushed me to overcome my injury and still love skiing. He inspires me and this is why I can do a 360 on skis. That quote means to me that my challenges and changes can make me succeed. 



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