By Louis Bidault  |   From : Béziers  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

I’m going to tell a story. It was the 16th January 2016, a Saturday not like another, it was the day of the big match, if we win the match me and my team would be CHAMPION of this championnat.

The match took place at 15.00 pm in St Pons. The football match was very hot and me and my team were very concentrated. 15min before kick-off the referee whistles for that we go in locker-room prepare and check the licences. Once that was finished our coach spoke to us one last time and then left the locker-room to dispute this game. At 3pm as planned the shot of the match was given and all did not happen as expected! At half-time we were led 2-0 and our coach was furious but contined to encourage us and told us that it was not finished and we could still win this game. 15Min after, we returned to the field to compete in second period ever more motivated than the first. After a few minutes we scored our first goal and it was there for 2-1. We still had time to enter a second goal. At 15min from the end the reward was that we had scored the second goal and that made 2-2! The coach took the floor and told that there was time to go for victory and that it was all possible! In the last action, I recovered the ball made a pass to my striker and he fired and scored the goal of the victory in the last moment of the match! We were so happy that we jumped in all directions! It was beautiful, we were CHAMPION of the championship a first for me.

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