Defending my brother

By Ramate  |   From : Ethiopia  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins In Ethiopia when I was in 4th grade. The people in my story are my little brother and his friend. This happened at school. We are all outside because it is break time. In Ethiopia, I like the teachers but I do not like the school because we do not have school lunch and we do not have a school bus. Also, we have to walk for more than 30 minutes to go the school.

I was feeling very scared and confused because I saw that my brother is fighting with his friend Mamada and I join the fight. I and his friend start fighting and my brother threw a rock. Mamada started bleeding.

I stop fighting because I saw that he is bleeding and after fighting I ask my brother why they fight.  I don’t even know why they fight I just join because I saw that my brother was fighting. So, the reason why they fought was that my cousin dropped her papers, and then my brother helped her pick up her papers.

  Mamada said “Uuuu” which is saying that my brother liked her. And my brother got mad and he started fighting so that was the reason. After fighting the teacher comes and he told us to go to the principal’s office. We went there and the principal asked us about what happened so my brother and his friend explained what happened. And the principal was so mad, especially at me. He said Ramate, “I did not accept this from you. How could you do that without knowing the reason? even if you know the reason you shouldn’t fight ” I knew I was wrong so I apologized. 

So, then my brother and I got back to class. Mamada goes to the hospital with someone. I was nervous because Mamade was bleeding and I felt bad for him. When we got back to the principal office the teacher said that we are going to get expel us.

But then my mother met with the teacher when he was going to his home. Then my mom begged him to not expel us but he said no. After my mom begged him a lot and he said okay. Instead, he suspends us for 5 days. After 5 days, the principal hit me with a stick 10 times and my brother 5 times. Then we cleaned the outside of the school until the end of the week.

After a week Mamada comes back to school. Then the principal calls my brother and Mamada to his office. Also, he calls me to his office and I saw my brother and Mamada at his office. The principal tells me and my brother to say sorry to Mamada. So then we apologized to Mamada.

At the end, my brother and Mamada became friends again. And I learned from the mistake that I didn’t make. I know that is wrong but I can’t just watch my brother when he fights with someone. The lesson that I learned from this experience is that I always have to make sure what is going on before doing anything. Not only that, but I also learned that even if I know the reason I shouldn’t fight instead separate them and tell to the teacher to fix the issue between them. 

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