Demasiado Tarde

By Mario Padilla  |   From : San Fernando, California  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Acacdemy

It all started at my house where my mom was getting her luggage and so i asked her, “where are you going” which she replied, “voy a ir a ver mi papa por que ya está  en el hospítal.” She told me she was going to see my grandpa in mexico because he was dying already and they had to leave a.s.a.p. So i told her good luck on your trip and went to my cousins house literally across the street. My tia was also getting ready when they got a phone call that my grandma decided not to put my grandpa on life support. This was a devastating decision because it was no doubt they weren’t gonna make it in time to see him still here. So my mom at home went to take a shower and while she was doing that at my house my tia where i was at was crying and it was a cry i’ve never heard like she’d just lost a chunk of her heart and she really did. Once my cousin stepped in and saw her she confirmed the unthinkable really just happened. I had just lost my grandpa and my tia and mom just had lost their father. I ran to my house to comfort my mom and she was still in the shower having no clue what she was about to hear. So we hear her walking out my sister is in the room she’s in her 20’s and she is crying and my mom walks out and my mom straight away gets the message as my sister crying and me and my brother in the room gave it away. She instantly puts down her towel and stuff and breaks down. She lets out these sobs and cries I have never heard anyone make in my life. These cries were not from her brain sending signals to her body that she’s pain or something like that. No, these cries were coming from her broken heart and the piece that had her dad’s name on it had just bursted into a million pieces. My mom was in disbelief that he was really gone. After letting all her cries out which felt like an hour trip in hell because hearing her cry like that really broke me because my mom is strong but in this moment she completely broke. She was blaming herself for not going earlier because she was notified by tias and cousins in mexico that he was sick weeks prior. But with our comfort my sister, my brother, and me calmed her down she was packing up again and later she went to my cousins house where my mom and her sister left together to the airport and I didn’t see them until a week later.

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