You don’t like what you have? CHANGE IT

By Lucica Marc  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

I was born in a family that was Strange, however also one of the best and caring people I  know. Just not all of them. I say that because my auntie daughter did this to me, long story short she was jealous. She end up putting our condo on fire. I got burned when I was 6 years old.  I was in coma 2 time. The first time was 17 days, the second time was about 7 days. I came here when I was about seven years old to have surgery by that time I only have three months to live. after the accident both of my hand were stuck on my abdomen, my face were was stuck into my chest. It was a long journey but one thing I’m always forever grateful for is my mom. The doctor give up on me, since day one. He told my mom and dad that they were fighting a lost cause. He pull my mom and dad to the side and say, she won’t survive but you do have a choice if you want to end it here. My mom fall apart, that same night we found out she have blood pressure, so she was in a bed next to my room for the first week. She tell the doctor she don’t care how long I’m a sleep as long I wake up at the end that’s all that matter. 17 days after a long 2 weeks a half with family gathering and people praying I wake up with my family around me. Haiti didn’t have the best treatment so my body were stalking into each other each day, my breathing air was closing each day. My family found a way for me to have surgery, my first surgery was nov 30th 2006, at that time I only have 3 months to live. I have the surgery, I pass out again a lot of worry because it was only me and my mom in Boston, no one else we were alone.  I wake up 7 days later. For the first time I was able to breath on my own, and eat my food without help. I went back home I was struggling every day I wake up, it was a daily fight each day and every day. After my  9 birthday I try to jump up top of  my house. My brother found me he was like what are you doing. I started crying because I didn’t know what to tell him. My life was a living hell each day I go to school, I was the only kid that wasn’t normal in my neighborhood. When I couldn’t take the judgment and the finger pointing. I became that bully everyone hate.I was okay with that because at least I wasn’t getting judged because of my skin. I got expelled on 4 different private school. My last private school that I went to I was in 8 grade, the director was talking but I was trying to ask the other student behind if I can used her pencil. Before I finish what I was trying to tell her I hear “” Barbecue pay attention to what I am saying”” .. I run out the classs room crying my eyes out. I went him I tell my mom what happened, at that time she couldn’t really do anything because we just lost my father, that was shot by his own best friend. I was in a full scholarship soo if she even talk to him I have more chance of loosing than gaining. I remember exactly what my mom say after I told her what happened. “” she said stop crying, ignore the one that don’t know your worth”” I hate it her for her answer until I started thinking about it.  It’s not that she didn’t have faith in me. She told me that because, she know I’ll overcome my worst nightmare which was to love myself. After school end 2013 I tell my mom, I’m not going back to that school. Nov 2013 I was here in the US with my sister. Jan 2014 she signed me up for school. February I started school but one thing my sister say to me it was that you can’t fight here, your record would be ruined although I didn’t know what records was and a part of me was scared of record first day of school i met some amazing people, but that didn’t stop others to make fun of me and call me name. I was more depressed than ever. Sophomore year a kid call me a crocodile. I lost it I grad my history book and I hit him with it. I was going through so much at the time, I was mentally abused & physically too. So I was in pieces. That same time I met a amazing human being, one day while I was in Spanish class,and if I’m being honest the mean reason why I take it because my friends can do my homework for me. All of them can speak Spanish………My teacher name was ms.woodman her best friend was a amazing soul name ms Garcia. As I was, laying down crying she call her, ms Garcia give me a big hug, as he recently told me “”through those kind eyes I see how much you were hurting””. She was a mom to me and a role model, she see in places I never think I could see myself. One of the most important thing is that she believes in me and who I am as a human being.  She save my life too many times to count, some other amazing people that was working with her to make sure I was okay. I forever grateful to all of them even the ones I’ve lost along the way.  Also I’m not saying that my life is perfect right now  or it’s a bull of happiness, the more I believe in myself, the more I found my own paths. If I figure anything out is that, yesss you going to struggle, you gonna have to fight with all you have, you have the power to change this world for the greatest, the only opinions that really matter at the end is yours, you not alone, I am fighting with you at this moment. The power of believing on yourself can take you a long way.  Who i am, I am every bit of my past.

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Story #2:

I’ve been coming to the United States ever since I was 7 years old, but I never liked coming here because all my family was in Haiti and I loved being part of my big family.

The reason I came here is because one day, I went to school like a normal day.  As I left the house I told my Dad “I love you” as my best friend and father. He was my everything.  On the way back home, I get the news that he was shot at Miami Beach. My speech went mute as I realized my favorite person in the whole world was gone forever.

After that I moved to the US with my sister. In this school I met a person, she became my best friends, like my father, she believed in me. She advised me, became the person I can talk to about everything. During my first weeks of school, she noticed I was sad and went straight to Google translate to ask me if I was OK. That’s when she wasn’t just one of those persons that comes and goes. Now, I have two best friends that I’m grateful to have. I’ve been through a lot and they have been there though everything. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m happy I had a second chance to change my story and life.

I want to share what one of them told me… She said: “You don’t like what you have? CHANGE IT. Where you are? Change that too. What you feel? Just TRY, not by feeling pity and by being the victim of what has happened to you. Be the freaking hero that overcomes and becomes everyone’s inspiration.


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