Expectation Vs Reality

By Mendi Ni  |   From : Clifton Park, NY  |   School : Shenendehowa H.S.

Expectation V.S Reality

All Americans are fat V.S Most of them are in good shape

The streets are very clean V.S In city, the garbage is everywhere

Relax, don’t have homework V.S Almost have homework every night

People like to stay in home V.S People love to social

Is very safe in America V.S Not very true

Only blonde people in America V.S People are come from around the world

The school lunch will be amazing V.S Most day the lunch will be Pizza or burger

People are try their best V.S Most them try their best, but not all of them

People are lazy V.S People love to play different kind sports

McDonald is the only kind of fast food in America V.S There are thousand different kind of fast food restaurant American

Only have American culture V.S It is mixed with the culture around the world


Before V.S Now


I forget what I look like before V.S Now I dress like other American girls

I have NO English V.S Now I understand most of the English

Past I imagine everything is wonderful V.S Now I know the reality

Past I hate nap time V.S Now everyday I wish I have nap time


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