my first day of school

By Yaire  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Maryland

The day seemed great and nice when I was on my way to school. it was my first day of school. The sun was brighter, as my eyes were. The grass

was fresh as my thoughts. The trees were as greener, as they are on spring. The birds in the top of the trees were singing beautifully,  it was like an angelical song to my ears. Everything was nice that day, until I got to school.

On my first day of school i was kind of mad and nervous at the same time because I just arrived FRom guatemala 2 days ago. I arrived here on November the 9th, 2014, and my first day of school was on November the 11th, 2014. I didn’t have my vacations. I was so nervous that I begun to cry because I didn’t understand any English, I was a beginner, my english level was really low maybe an 0%.  My dad told me that everything will be ok, and I will be fine. When i first came into my new class I felt really cold, and the entire class was quiet. When the teacher asked me my name in spanish everyone was staring at me  and kept staring at me all the class as if I was an alien. I felt kind of weird, but I didn’t pay attention to them.

I begun to listen to the teacher, Ms. Clark, but unfortunately I didn’t understand anything she was talking about, then she showed some pictures to the class. In the pictures i saw some monuments and pyramids, it look like Egypt.After watching those pictures, I knew they were talking about the Ancient Ages. Finally after 45 minutes the class ended and the teacher gave us a task to finish at home.


When I saw the task at my house, I felt bad because I didn’t know how to do it. It was my first day of school, how could it be possible? I begun to think over and over. Then I got an idea! “INTERNET.” I thought the internet could help me to do my homework. I searched on the internet the questions that were on my task. But before answering I used the translator to know what does all of the questions mean. I finished my task early. I was like “Awesome it was too easy being my first day of school.”


The next day, my second day of school I woke up early feeling happy and proud of myself. I thought “The teacher will be so happy that I finished my first task by myself.” When I got to my class everyone was staring at me again, I didn’t feel so comfortable. I felt like if I was the most weird thing on earth. Then the teacher called me by my name.


“Yaire, come here and bring your homework” the teacher said,So I stood up and went to her, because a boy who speaks and understand English very well told me that the teacher was calling me. My hands were shaking when I gave her my homework.


“Good Morning Yaire.” The teacher said.

“Good morning Ms. Clark.” I answered with a squeaky voice. It was the only thing I learn to say the night before .

“Let me see your homework, but don’t go stay here I need to make sure you did it right.” The teacher said placing a chair by my side.


So I seated there, as she was reading my answers she noticed something was wrong with my homework. I saw her really exalted. She was reprimanded me. I knew she was reprimanding me because I saw her in a really bad mood and screaming at me. She was saying a lot of things but I didn’t understand anything. I felt sad and I almost cried. I felt in this way because I was trying to do my best and she was there screaming at me. I  felt like crying because i just wished I could understand everything she was saying, but i Couldn’t at that time.  I just wanted her to had some comprehension about my situation.  AFter 15 minutes or 30 minutes she noticed that I was kept in silence and didn’t understand her, so she called a student, Richard and tell him to ask me if I understand English.


  • “Could you ask her if  she speaks or understands English?”  The teacher said to my friend, Richard.
  • “Alright Ms. Clark, I will ask her.” Richard said.


So Richard came to me and ask me if did I understand English.


  • “Yaire, do you understand English?” Richard asked me.
  • “No, I don’t understand any English.” I answer him in Spanish.

My Friend told the teacher I didn’t understand any English. The teacher got surprised and then she apologized to me.

  • “I’m so sorry!” Ms. Clark exclaimed.
  • “It’s ok,” I said.
  • Then she told me, “Why didn’t you tell me you don’t know any English?”
  • I tell her, “ I didn’t tell you because I thought you knew it.”

She became more kind to me. She always helped me, thanks to her I learned English. Everything begun to go good since that day, I got very good grades and I found out I was able to do whatever I propose myself to. I promise myself to learn the language and do everything at it has to be.


After a year and eleven months I Have learned english pretty good, I understand almost everything. I don’t need anyone to help me. Now i help others and to me it is a pleasure to help them. I learned that not knowing the language can be a really big problem but you can solve it by putting enough effort. English is a really important language, and spanish as well. I will never forget the words my mother told me when it was my first day of school, “everything can turn bad, but you have the decision on your hands to change it.” My mother was right. I could leave everything like it was, or i can put all, and enough effort to achieve what i want.


Remember there is no big or small obstacle,you can’t go through. At the same time silence can be your Best friend, and it can also be the worst of your enemies depending the way you use it. Everything you do, do it with your heart. Nothing is impossible in life, if you propose something to yourself keep in mind that the only way you could achieve it, is by putting enough effort and believing in yourself!


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