With God everything is possible

By Chun  |   From : Myanmar   |  

I was born and raised in a country called Myanmar(Burma) . Life was really hard in my country .My dad couldn’t imagine us growing up in the dusty and dirty city. So he decided to migrate in Malaysia to get a job and make money. Then dad traveled to Malaysia and he lived there when i was one years old. Me, my mom,and my big sister lived together.One day we heard bad news about my dad; he was in a prison, the Malay police arrested him because he is a refugee. We couldn’t do nothing from our country to took out my dad from the prison . Then my grandmother(my mom’s mother) heard about my dad too so she came home from her business travel to help us. My mom decided to go with my grandma to her business travel to make some money . So my mom kept us in school,me and my sister lived on the boarding schools.And my mom,when ever she came back from business travel, her first things to do is came to our boarding school and take a permission from our principle to take us home for two days or three days to spend times with us.

It was difficult for me to not living with my mom,but at school my school friends and teachers were really nice to me, they treated me like their real little sister and daughter.I slept with them and we all shared things together. My grandparents told us good news about my dad, the UNHCR(United Nation High Commission For Refugee) took my dad out from the prison and they interview my dad to ask him a few questions. My dad told them the reason why he went to Malaysia. They asked, “Would you like you and your family go to the United States?” My dad replied: Absolutely yes! .We were really surprised and happy hearing about the good news.And time past my dad was drinking alcohol because of the friends squad he join they all were drinking an alcohol like every evening after work.And someone from Malaysia called our grandparents and tells them about my dad and my grandparent were disappointed.

My dad live like he don’t have a family.Alcohol makes him stupid.We don’t even send us some money and call us because he used his money for alcohol and hang out with his friends and my mom and my dad were broke up and but i wasn’t really don’t understand what was going on because i was still young and my mom don’t wanna tell us too. But now i understand how my mom feels at that time.And my grandparents(my dad parents) were doing something to bring back my mom.One day my dad was calling my mom and they have a conversations and my mom make a decision to go back with my dad and go to malaysia first and they both will work to make more moneys and so me and my big sister will go to Malaysia too and we will live in Malaysia until the UNHCR called us to interwiews.That was our plan and so my mom was going to Malaysia like we plan and they both meet(my mom and dad)and time past.

Then my grandma(my dad mom) decide to went with us in Malaysia to take care of us and live a little while with us in Malay.And our trip from Myanmar to Malaysia took a week because we don’t have a passport. We can’t make it we are still under age,so we went to Malaysia by walking and riding a boat when we walk we always have to walk in the night time because if we walk in the daytime the police will see us and if they see us they will arrested us so we only take a move in the nighttime and there are mosquitoes and leech but they don’t destruct us because we put some insect repellent. We were really exhausted and we always have to be careful because we are not safe so we just prayed every time to be safe and God is a good good father he answer our prayers he gave us a good people and food to eat people were really nice to us wherever we need he provided everything we need. God was with us and we have a safe trip we reached our destination in Malaysia it’s like a dream i can’t still believe my eye i see my mom,and my dad for the first timeand my little brother and beautiful buildings and houses.I was really happy being with my families and my grandma every night we have a prayer meetings everythings was going well,we have fun work together,eat together helping my parents,but sometime i miss my friends in Burma and i just cried.And my grandma had to go back in our country and we dropped her in the airport and we cried. we had to said good bye forever i missed her so much and times past bad things started happen in our families.When my dad drinks alcohol and get drunk i feel so angered ,because when he get drunk he yelling at us without no reason and sometime i felt so scared.

And one day the UNHCR, called my dad and said you had an appointment come with your family and we went to the UN office and having interview doing paper work and they said we will called you back.WE went back home and called our family in my country told them the good news .And my grandma always pray for us .Every tuesday she prayed for our family and that makes me feel happy,they always kept us in their prayers they don’t stopped praying for us,and my dad stopped drinking alcohol and we all gathered together again and Thanking God for everything.

Afterward we came to the United State on 10/5/2014. In Malaysia we lived around 2 years and a half. My wish come true and my uncle family came to pick up us from the airport. And we went home and take a nape and i wake up early in the morning and i went outside to see things. And i went out and i feel so peaceful,so thanks full to God ,I feel really good.And in the evening we went to church and my church members were really nice to us.I maked new friends and i started going to school in 8th grade makes new friends in school too.I’m a really lucky girl anywhere i go people treated me really good. And i love my life so much and i graduate from middle school ,and we have a summer break.In a summer break me and my friends always hangout,going to the park and play.And every wednesday night i went to church to join our prayer meeting and friday is vasper night and saturday the whole day I stay in church,most of my weekend is a busy weekend,doing church stuff.And it’s back to school and I’m going to be a highschool student 9th grade.And i love going to school so much because everyday i have fun with my girls and learn new stuff and the teacher were really cares about us they are my new family we love each other,cares about each other,and I participate in sports,I play soccer and tennis.

My life is good in the United State and my goal is to finish college get a career and study to be a missionary doctor and if I work with God everything will be possible. If i do it with God, I can do everything because he is the one who gave me strength .And if you believed in my prayer God will answer to me like he said in the bible and i believed the bible.And I believed in myself, One day I will be a missionary doctor.

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