I hope one day my dream comes true

By Mirna  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Mirna and I arrived to the United States in 2015.  I immigrated here because -my family wanted me to have a better life, to go forward, to help my grandparents, and to live a happy life.  I came alone, but my dad and my stepmom received me.

I miss my family, my country, and its food.  I remember my family and grandparents; they love me so much.  My happiest memory was being with all my uncles, laughing, and having fun, just being very happy.   My saddest moment was when I left my grandparents; I started crying leaving them behind.

I arrived to the United States as an immigrant to meet with my family.  Our biggest fear was the city. The size of the streets, the buildings, and many things bigger than what we were used to. When I got here I saw many beautiful things that I did not imagine seeing, and I was very surprised.

At the beginning, it was difficult when I started school.  I was very sad because I couldn’t find my way around school.  I remember one very good teacher that helped me learn my way around making me feel better, then I made new friends. In school, I felt better.  I met good students who helped me go ahead and not be alone or sad.

I am very happy to be in America because it has given me the opportunity to be with my family and with my father. The saddest moment was being away from my country in a new and huge country that made me feel scared.

I have learned many things such as making an effort to get things done and get ahead in life.  I want my dream of being a doctor to come true and make my family very proud of me. I hope one day my dream comes true.

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